Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 11. Floods in Bangkok

Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 11:30:26 +0700
Subject: Week 11

Hey everybody!

So I'm guessing you are all hearing about the floods. We haven't really been affected in Roi Et until this week when we found out that transfers, which should be happening on Thursday, will not be happening until further notice. This transfer was a 7 week transfer to begin with, they're usually six weeks. So with the continuation, this becomes a very long transfer. But no big deal.

Things in Roi Et are great! It's a nice day today, not a cloud in the sky. Probably in the low 80's so a little on the warm side. One of the members said to me the other day, "Welcome to 'cold' season." Haha I told her that it snowed in Salt Lake last week (that's what Brooke said), and that would feel comfortable to me. She thought I was crazy! The members here are so great! It's awesome to see the faith of the saints of God everywhere in the world. Church is a little different here because of some cultural things, like the members always eat together after church. But the sacrament is the same, and the spirit of the Lord is the same. That's the beauty of the restored gospel.

Well, this week was a pretty good week. Teaching-wise, it was better than last week, even with two of our investigators going out of town. It was interesting to see, a lot of people have had relatives who were born here but moved to Bangkok. Now they're coming back because of the floods. The floods really are creating a mess here. Mahasarakham is getting two new elders from the Pakkret Zone, so they will have 4 elders there, upping our district from 6 to 8. The whole Pakkret Zone and half of the Asoke Zone are out of commission as far as I understand. Its pretty crazy!

Speaking of Sarakham, I went on another exchange up there this last weeks. It wasn't too bad. Sometimes I feel like exchanges are really inconvenient because they take you away from your investigators. I love all of the people that we are teaching. It can be a little frustrating at times, but it's good.

Last night we taught our investigator Bubphaa. She is good. We have been teaching her for over two months now. She knows the gospel is true, but she won't accept a baptismal date! She has some concerns that she feels like she needs to take care of before she can repent. But she doesn't feel like she can be open and honest with her mom yet. We talked about the purpose of this life, how its a time to prepare to meet God. I opened to Alma 13:27 about not procrastinating the day of your repentance. We walked away feeling that she had a greater desire to repent. Each day I am grateful as I write in my journal. I am able to look back and see how the Lord has used me to help His children come unto Him. There are so many tender mercies that I know are blessings from the Lord. Whether they be barely making a green light on the way rushing to an appointment, or finding new investigators-- they are ever present. Ifeel so grateful that I get to be in the mission field experiencing those tender mercies first-hand.

In life we all face difficulties. A mission is a very interesting thing. I feel like it's a microcosm of life, and that everything is more condensed and exaggerated. The good times are so good, and the hard times are very trying. But the good times, the miracles, the mericies of the Lord are so amazing that all of the sorrow and sadness of the hard times are swallowed up in the joy of those moments. In Third Nephi 22:7 the Lord tells us " For a small moment have I aforsaken thee, but with great mercies will I gather thee." Remember that, and D&C 121.

Well i'm safe and well. I pray for you all and love you lots! Keep up the good work! I loved hearing from you this weeks!
Elder Todd

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