Monday, March 5, 2012

Elder Todd Stays in Thonburi with new companion!

Elder Todd and Elder Davis and Brother Khai!
Missionary Work in Bangkok
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2012 

Hey Family!

So, first things first.  I did not get transfered.  I will get at least one more transfer in Thonburi! I'm so glad because all of the members here are way sweet, just like Roi Et.  I did get a new companion.  Elder Inthavong was moved to another area of Bangkok.  My new companion is Elder Davis from upstate New York. It's going to be good working with him. 

So Mom, you told me to put more details about what I am doing into my emails, and I figure that I can do that.  I'll try to share more about my experiences as well as what I am learning.  

This week was a decent week. I'm healthy and well. So that's good. I didn't get bitten by any of the komodo dragons. Apparently they are all over the khlongs in Bangkok. 

Yesterday we went and visited the first counselor in the bishopbric. His house is build on top of a swamp, and I was told that behind their house they have 40 komodo dragons! It's nuts how these dragons just roam around the city. The Thai people hate them because they are so ugly. Their is even a slang word for them that is a really realy rude insult in Thai. It's actually one of the worst things that you could call someone. Anyway, we went to his house because Brother Khai told us that he wanted to help us teach. 

Later, our afternoon appointments fell through, so we had planned to go tracting as our backup. But as I was talking to Brother Khai about what he did in his mission when they had extra time, he said that they would go to members' houses and share the message of the Restoration.  After that they would then commit the members to pray about a family they could refer to the missionaries. So we did that yesterday. It was really good! The family we went and visited actually had a non-member there. So we got to teach him a lesson! We are hoping to be able to teach him again next Sunday. 

Our other investigators are doing well. We gave one a baptismal date. His name is Atithep. He is over 70, and he mostly wants his grandchildren to learn to become good people. But he has been learning with us, and we gave him a date! April 29th. That seems like a long way off, but he needs the time to prepare and learn and apply the principles of the gospel. 

But going back to Atithep wanting his grandchildren to be good people--that is something that people tell us everyday.  They say, "Every religion teaches us to be good people."  Yes, it's true, every religion teaches to be good people. But as the members here say, "Our religion is the only one that teaches the truth."  There is a difference. God wants us to be good poeple, I'm sure of that. But He wants more for us. He has a great vision for us, and wants us to achieve our potential as sons and daughters of a heavenly king. He want's us to have immortality and eternal life. That is the truth. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only church on the face of the earth that has that truth. I know that. 

There is one thing that I was given by my district leader Elder Nelson who finished his mission on Thursday. It's called "The Fellowship of the Unashamed," and it's something that President Eyring wrote. It's really awesome, and if you get a chance, look it up and read it. His words are so powerful! It's because they come from the Spirit, and the Spirit testifies that they are true. It's like in the final chapter of Luke, verse 27 if I remember right.. not sure. But  it's the verse that talks about feeling our hearts burn within us. I'm so grateful that the Spirit works with us. And that Hevenly Father shows His love for us by manisfesting things to us through the Spirit. 

Update on our other investigators-- Banjeud is getting interviewed for baptism on the Seventeenth. We are thinking he should pass. But we have some time to go over and make sure he knows everything and is keeping the commandments. Our Investigator Wallop,  is doing well. He is still smoking, but is starting to read and pray daily. Those two things, along with coming to church, are so crucial in conversion. Make sure that you all do of them. Please! And then we have Sister Mane, our other investigator. She wants to have a good testimony before she will get baptized. it's a little frustrating because I see that she has one, she just hasn't recognized it yet! It's so often that way.  We don't reconize the growth we make until we take a step back and really look. When we do that, we musn't forget to return thanks to God for that which He has blessed us.

Well, I love you all so much, and you are always in my prayers. Please pray for my investigators and me. 
I couldn't have asked for a better support system of family and friends. Thanks!

Elder Todd.
P.S. Don't do anything stupid!

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