Sunday, August 12, 2012

Great week in Chaing Rai

Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 


Wow,  it sounds like I just know more and more people that are coming to Thailand as missionaries. It's weird but it's fun. I know that everyone who comes here will really come to enjoy this place. It's fantastic. This land is so great, and so in need of what this everlasting gospel will bring to them Nakrab.

This last week was just full of different experiences that really built my faith. That's one thing that really I received in abundance this last week was stronger faith. So I'll start with Tuesday. We had some mail that we needed to send to the mission office that day. We didn't have a whole lot of time, but we had to send it that day. We got in the queue at the post office. We had about 50 numbers ahead of us. I was kind of just stressed, but that morining I had prayed for more faith and something told me that this was an experience that would help. So, I tried to be patient. Then this lady who we had invited a few weeks ago saw us in line. She said, here's my number, I don't need it anymore. She gave it to us. It bumped us up to be the third in line! It was undoubtedly a blessing from the Lord .

We also went to talk to Form. We wanted to find out his intent behind being baptized. He said he's not sure. But he knows that when he reads and prays he feels something that he doesn't know how to explain. Obviously it's the Spirit. But these feelings we can't describe. Because they're from the other side of the veil. I have no doubt about that. They come from a loving Father in Heaven, who knows what His children need, and he wants to help them. But we have to humble ourselves and come unto Him. 

I had read a talk by Gene R. Cook- I love his talks- called, "Qualifications for the work." In it, he talked about getting into people's doors. He said if the Spirit is with us, and we act confident, and nod when we ask to come into the door, and take a step towards the door, then we show our faith. He said that if the Spirit is there, it won't be intrusive. If done by the Spirit it will be done right.  We weren't having a whole lot of success out tracting. But we finally got this guy to open the door. I had that talk come into my head. I thought, okay here it goes. So I tried it. And guess what! It worked! He let us right in! And accepted a return appointment. His name is O. I feel like he has a lot of potential. 

Then we had a member, Sister Bim, refer a friend named T. He is a 16 year-old kid, but interested. We  went and taught him all about the Restoration. He really liked it, and was recording our lesson so he could listen to it again. He called us after too, and was asking if he can pray when he eats food and should it be before or after or what. We told him he could. He really likes the message so far. He told us that his mother died. So tonight we are going to teach him about the Plan of Salvation. It built my faith in a promise that Elder Holland gave, that if we listen, we won't have to wonder what to say. It will be given to us, by the Spirit and our friends. For this, thanks be to God.

And Oi, well she is on fire! We got to teaching her about the Law of Chastity this week. And she LOVED it. She talked about how too many kids in this world look at unsavory images, or watch t.v. of the same category. But she thinks that this is something that we should talk about even more. At first she was confused because at English class she found a pamphlet that was the old translation, which was "The Law of Virginity." The new one is way better it is "The Law of Sexual Purity." So we're trying to get rid of all the "Virginity" eggasaans. เอกสาร. Pamphlets I guess. I just like the Thai word more. 

One last thing. On Friday the Zone Leaders were up here on an exchange with us. We went to teach our investiagtor Ploi. We were just teaching her about God, and how he is our loving Father in Heaven. Something told me, commit her to baptism. I thought, is this the spirit, or me? But I went for it. She said  yes! The 20th of October. The Lord's hand has been stretched forth. For this, thanks be to God. 

I love you all. Be safe, smart, full of charity and love. 

Elder Todd ทอดด์

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