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October 15, 2012

Hey Famiglia!

Wow! This last week sure was a great one! We got to watch conference. Oh my goodness! It was fantastic!  It was full of things that I needed.

Saturday morning I was studying in Alma 5. I told Elder Wood, that I guaranteed someone would quote that chapter. Sure enough, Elder Cook got up and quoted verse 14 about the "mighty change of heart." It was quoted throughout the conference.

If we had favorite chapters in the scriptures, that would be mine. It's a good self-evaluation. We can each prayerfully read it and see where we stand in our progression in the gospel.

President Eyring's talk on Sunday morning was great too.  It answered most of the questions that I had going into conference. And Elder Holland's talk, and Elder Hales’ talk--SO good!  Well, I could go on and on about conference, but I won't. You all saw it.

This last week, the Lord blessed us greatly. We’d had a little bit of a struggle the week before contacting and teaching our investigator, Cherry. We were a little worried. We were going to teach her on Tuesday. Monday night we were holding our nightly planning session. As we talked about what we wanted to follow up on, we felt impressed to follow up on her prayer and scripture reading. The next day she was telling us how she was getting frustrated and as a result  of her difficulties, she had smoked a lot the day before. We asked her, "Are you reading your scriptures daily? Are you praying morning and night?" The answer was, no. Those are such little things, but they are so crucial for life. It's just like how little hinges can swing great doors. It’s the little things that so often make the biggest differences in our lives. Don't for get to do them!

We were also teaching Tik. He is so great! He is so prepared. He always has questions for us about who gives us authority to preach, baptize, and who chooses the prophets. He enjoyed the message of the Restoration. He promised us that he is going to do his best to be obedient to the Lord. As we were leaving his house he asked us, "When I go to church, what should I wear?" It was way cool because we didn't even talk about church that day with him!
This missionary work is all about finding those people who will receive us. 

Recently,President told me, "I would rather our missionaries have a small investigator pool that are taught great lessons leading to conversion, than to have the inverse with large investigator pools. Well done Elder." So that's what we have been focusing on. 

Here’s an update on Bob. He is making HUGE strides! It's way cool. When I first got here the missionaries had been thinking about setting him aside. He didn’t really understand a lot, and didn't grasp concepts. Well, we started teaching him FROM the scriptures. We made the scriptures the main dish of our lessons, not just side dishes that we brought in when it was convenient. It made a huge difference. He understands now. He talked about his baptismal date and how he feels ready. Elder Wood and I feel he is ready too! So, he is interviewing on Friday for baptism!! How cool is that?  Then the 27th he should be getting baptized!

It's been amazing to see the "mighty change of heart" occur within Bob. He learned about keeping the Sabbath day holy and said he'd stop working.  He committed himself to tithing, saying, "I have no problem paying it." That's what Thailand needs! Full tithe paying Melchizedek Priesthood holders = TEMPLE!! He is even serving the members at church helping with the cleanup, and lunch. SO great!

I also wanted to tell you about the family and Brother Tam. They are the less actives I talked about last week. We were teaching them and their son who is 12 and not baptized. We committed him to baptism. He said yes. Then we committed his dad to prepare to baptize his son. His dad expressed that he wasn't worthy and that he would have another member of the branch do it instead. We opened the scriptures with him and read, D& C 58:42, “Behold, he who has arepented of his bsins, the same is cforgiven, and I, the Lord, remember them no more.
 43 By this ye may know if a man repenteth of his sins—behold, he will aconfess them and bforsake them." 
This scripture really impacted him, and he had a change in his countenance. We talked with him about how he can talk to the branch president and prepare to perform this ordinance. It was such a special experience with the Spirit. For this, thanks be to God.
Well, That's about it from this end. I love you all and hope all is well! Keep the faith, smile, find joy in this glorious time to live on earth.
Elder Todd

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