Monday, January 14, 2013

Miracles continue in Pakkret!

Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 
Hey Mom, Dad, Jennifer and John, Cate and Dave, Brooke and Lauren!

Happy Children's Day! This last Saturday was children's day here. Basically it's a day just for kids. We were assigned to go to some service at a community center with some kids and their parents. Usually for service we don't do things involving children, because of increasing legal complexities. But we got to go and we just played a bunch of games with them, like:  "Elder Says,"  the hokey pokey, three legged red light green light, and they showed us the Thai version of duck duck goose, which is way more fun. 

The community appreciated it. The parents all seemed so grateful, and it was a chance to think like the Savior taught, "suffer the little children." I was reminded that the children are the future. And so it is with the church. Without the rising generation, the church, the kingdom has no future. That is why the role that Jennifer and John will be taking on here soon is so crucial. Church leaders have taught for years that "the most important of the Lord's work [we] will ever do will be within the walls of [our] own homes." Mom and Dad, thank you for doing a great job.

One thing that I'd like to share with you from my studies this week is something that I have started doing recently.  I wish I would have done it my whole mission. Thomas Edison said; ''The value of an idea lies in the using of the idea." The same is true with knowledge that the Lord blesses us with. If we don't apply the things that we learn as we study the scriptures, then our study is without profit. So, as I try to improve myself and become what the Lord sees me as, I have begun to write a conclusion at the end of my studies. What I learned and what I will apply. I feel like things are going well, because I can pray at the end of my study for the Lord to help me with those things for that day, then turn it into a  regular thing.

So here's the rundown. First off-- Sister Nong. She's doing really well! It was really funny when we went over to teach her. She said, 'Elder, I have a question. Is the lottery that the government supports, against the church policy? We could have just answered her question. But I rememberd what I had read from the book "True to the Faith." So we read it together. That The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is opposed to all forms of gambling including government sponsored lotteries. She said, Oh. Ok. Her sister then said we all told you! All 6 of us said it till we were red in the face! Then she said, we should have pulled out the book sooner. It's the same with teaching. We need to always teach from the scriptures, from the manuals that give authority to our words. It is for that reason that the Lord has blessed us with these things. She's doing really well.

For Lek and Tiger. They're looking at making the date for the 26. We were mistaken. They had committed to the 26.  They are ready and know that they're ready. 

Then Ni Naa. She is really progressing. The way that she came to our church after the Catholic church in Germany is amazing. Thai people don't differentiate between churches. They think, "Oh they believe in Christ. They're all the same." The Lord has used that to His advantage with people who have become interested in Christianity overseas. It's been a great blessing to see people brought to the true and living church. She's  doing really well. Her parents don't want her to go to church and be baptized, but she said she's felt that there is something inside of her telling her that she can communicate with God. The Lord has prepared her.

Then our other dater, her name is Palm, like a palm tree. She has a baptism date for the 22nd of February. She's got a little issue with coming to church, but she found a way yesterday which I think will only build her faith that the Lord can and will make it possible. She came to English class and that's how we found her. So she's looking really good on her progressing. She said she's 80% sure that this is true. She just needs to check the other 20%

Then yesterday, we had an astounding 7 walk ins to church. 4 in our area! They came and were talking to us. The son asked me, "Did Joseph Smith really see what he said he saw?"  I was grateful that I was able to answer YES. I could because of the feelings that the Spirit of the Lord brought to my heart in that instant. It was different. Earlier in the week we had taught a couple who after hearing the Joseph SMith story said, "It's just a fantasy. It's just a story tale." I feel bad for them. It is one of the MOST important events that has ever happened. But if our hearts are hard, the Spirit of the Lord can't let us know that it's true.  But I testify that it is true. And that the church is true!  I love you all.

Be safe and faithful! Stay warm! 


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