Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Missionaries in Ubon

Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 13:16

Hello Hello!
How are you all doing? I honestly cannot believe how fast this last week went. I think I say that a lot, but hey, it's true. 
Things here in Ubon are really good.   Marie Livingston served here. I've seen some of her records. That's been fun!   
SO where to start? I don't know. 
How about with our investigators. That is why I'm here afterall. So here they are. 
I talked about Sister Boom. She's good. She's really nice and really wants to be baptized. She interviewed this week and passed!  Plans were made for her baptism next Saturday. But yesterday, she went to work, and she didn't keep the Sabbath. As a result, she will have to wait to be baptized. It's sad. And it may seem a little harsh.  But it's something that is a problem. 
Preach My Gospel tells us the importance of the Sabbath. It teaches that if we grow careless in our reverence for the Sabbath, our religious life decays, and all aspects of life will be negatively affected. 
Something that I'm learning over and over is obedience. I think I talk about it ALL THE TIME. But it IS the first law of heaven. We simply can't have the Spirit without being worthy. We must, "go out from among the wicked, and be clean... that bear the vessels of the Lord. (D&C 38:42)."  
I know Sister Boom will be baptized. She's got a lot of really good desire. Her husband is also started learning with us. His name in Gan. He is good too.  He's a little slower when it comes to learning. He dropped out of school in about ninth grade, but he likes going to church. He's got a smoking problem--about 20 cigarettes a day. But he's down from 30 at the beginning of the week. He said he believes in God because he sees that people can change. It's so true. Believe it or not, we are not cast in stone. We can change through the atonement of Christ the Lord. We can improve ourselves each day. That's the promise of the atonement, the conditions of repentance, the miracle of forgiveness. It's all about becoming. The Lord doesn't see as we do. "For the Lord looketh upon the Heart" 1 Samuel 16:7 (I think that's the reference.) 
I'm out of time. But really quickly before I sign off, here is an update of our other investigators. We are teaching a man named Ton. He's good We've only taught him once. He needs the basics. 
We're also teaching a man named Phong. His daughters are members, and he's really solid. He's just waiting for a sign, so we're working with him about knowing by the power of the Holy Ghost, since, "by the power of the Holy Ghost ye shall know the truth of all things.(Moroni 10:5)."   If that's wrong it's because I can't remember how to say it in English.
Well, I love you all TONS! Be obedient and faithful!


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