Saturday, May 21, 2011

First Mission Letter

We got a letter in the mail today. We were so happy to hear from Bud:

May 19, 2011
Dear Mom and Dad,
I hope that all is well and that you got home safely. My companion is great. His name is Eler Doria and he is from Provo, (like 30 yards away!) My district leaders are so good, Elder Richardson and Elder Stott. They are so nice to us Nong Thai. That's what they call the younger Thai elders. The older ones are the Phii Thais. They were so excited for us to come.
I got some more shots today. I had to get another polio booster today.
They tell us here that we are in an egg, that there isn't much that Satan can do to tempt us in the MTC. But they say being here is a trial of our faith.
I would love to hear from anyone soon. My friend Ramsey wrote me a "Dear Elder" last night and it was so great to get a letter from someone.
I love you so much. I'm alive and healthy. Please write soon.
I love you.
Elder Todd

P.S. P-day is on Tuesday so I'll email you then! This letter is the only one I can write that isn't on a p-day.
Tell everyone Hi!

You can email Bud at
or go to to send him one that will be printed off and put into his box the same day.
I'm sure he'd love to hear from all of you!

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