Thursday, May 19, 2011

And he's off...

Bud Todd is on his mission! We dropped him off yesterday at the MTC in pouring rain. He entered the MTC with two friends from the Helaman Halls dorms-- Elder Heap from Mesa, who will also serve in the Thailand, Bangkok mission, and Elder Willman, also from Mesa, but heading to Dallas, TX. Both Arizona Elders had flown up that morning and we picked them up from the airport and headed to Provo. It was fun to have three darling missionaries plus all of their luggage all crammed in the car with Bryan and me. We also ran into Bud's childhood friend, Elder Hunter Tolman, who will be in the same MTC district and bound for Thailand.

We stopped for one last favorite lunch at Cafe Rio, then made a quick trip up to the Provo Temple for a few soggy photos... and finally pulled into the MTC right on time. We'd said our goodbyes at home (and for the last few days) so it was pretty quick at the curbside. It was the happiest sadness I've ever experienced. We'll miss our Bud, but there's no place we'd rather have him than serving the Lord on a full-time mission.

We're anxious to hear from him. He is in our prayers many times a day. We love our Elder Todd!


  1. Congratulations Todd Family!! You are just starting out on the most amazing adventure ever!! You are in our thoughts! Love to you all!
    The Schwendies!!

  2. So proud of Bud! I could not ask for a better brother!!