Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jojo gets Baptized! Great week in Roi Et.

Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 11:38:28 +0700
Subject: This week

Dear Family,

Well Jojo got baptized yesterday! It was a really cool experience for him. When he bore his testimony, he talked about how he has been coming to church for the past four years and now he is so glad that he finally got baptized! Also, it was really good because his parents were there and are willing to learn with the elders in Samutpragan. It was a really good end to another fun week!

I can't belive that the weeks are going by so quickly! It really doesn't feel to me that Christmas is close. I mean, there are some stores that have Santa stickers and trees on their windows, but those have all been up since August. Same with Happy New Year signs in lots of the restaurants. But the time really is flying! I never thought that I could be so busy, and have so much fun! This week was really really busy for us actually. So busy in fact, that we didn't have time to do any tracting, which neither of us really minded because it's not very effective.

One thing that Elder Wagstaff and I worked on this week was getting family history up and going. We took some time to help the family history specialists here in the branch know what to do, and helped them understand how they can fulfill their calling. Family history isn't something that's really used in finding here, but we feel like it can be really useful. After all, Elijah returned to the earth "To turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to the fathers, lest the whole earth be smitten with a curse— (D&C 110:15)" Elder Bendar spoke about this last conference too. It's something that will help this work progress. It is key in bringing about God's work, and His glory.

We also set up some family home evenings to take our investigators to. That was really fun to do, and I think that it helped them too. I went to one with a member and Elder Wagstaff went to another. We talked about the restoration. It was really good! We helped the families understand more. I went with our investigators Nawa and หMeow. They are some of the funnest people I have taught, and they are really good. Nawa already believed in Christ and the Bible. But his wife, Meow, is pretty devout Buddhist. I think they are opening up. They are starting to recognize that they are receiving answers to questions they ask. Nawa also shared an experience of his that helped him gain his testimony of the Holy Ghost, and the importance of coming to church! He talked about how he doesn't get angry as easily anymore. It really is so much fun to see these people begin to change their lives and follow the Savior.

Also this week, we improved our English class. It wasn't really being an effective finding tool because there were lots of kids that just caused a ruckus. But we split the classes and things are more focused. We feel like it can really become an effective finding tool. It's suggested in Preach My Gospel, which is a book written by inspired men of God, so, obviously it's great, and should be used.

That's my advice to people who have their mission calls, or are preparing to recieve them. Study Prach My Gospel. Famliarize yourselves with its pages. It is designed to help you become the missionary the Savior expects you to be.

Well, this week I also got my third flat tire since being in Roi Et. We were late for an appointment and we were hustling. That's when my sidewall caught something and I heard psssss, and my tire was flat in like 3 seconds. But we were fine. We're safe, and doing well.

That's all for now. I will talk to you in a week! Be safe! I love you all!

Elder Todd

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