Sunday, September 9, 2012


Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012
Subject: Flood in the house.

Hey Everybody! 

Well, last night I was having this crazy dream that everything around me was flooding.  Then I woke up to a high pitched sound. I looked and saw it was my alarm clock. In water. I thought that the glass of water next to my bed had fallen. But when I went to stand up, I realized that I was standing in about an inch of water.  I went out into our living room to find that there was water in there and also in our study room! I yelled for Elder Schad telling him that our apartment was flooding! We turned on the lights and discovered that in the bathroom the, pardon my language but I don't know what else to call it, the butt sprayer was broken, and shooting water everywhere! So we turned off our water, and started the cleaning process. We used brooms to sweep the water out the front door. It was a bummer. 

The biggest thing that I lost was my journal. A lot of it got destroyed. I sent mom some picures of my wet pages. Oh, and the cell phone we have been assigned to used, yeah it's fried. So that was a bummer too. But it was a good story. There we were just up at 1 A.M. bailing water out of house. But things will work out. We're actually having a lot of problems with our house. Our fridge is also broken, we haven't had one for about a week. But things will work out. All of these problems are teaching me to be patient, and to not get frustrated or irritated with things that are going on. So I'm grateful to be learning more lessons. 

This week was a great one, as they all have been. We had Elder Khanakham from the mission presidency come up to visit. He was here from District Meeting on Wednesday until yesterday. (Sunday).  He took Elder Schad and I around to visit members so we can start working with them more. It's the only way the work will progress. We talked to one member, Brother Dahm. It means black. We asked him if he would be willing to help us teach. He said, the elders used to take him all the time, but one day they stopped. He was sad, because he wants to be the investigators "buddy." That is the exact word he used. He wants to be there for them. He said he even used to study in Preach My Gospel so he could help the Elders teach effectively! It showed to me that we can't just rely on certain members to help us,  but we should use all of the resources that the Lord has given us. We also were invited to the high council meeting by Elder Khanakham. That was interesting to see. He wanted us to role play what we do in district meeting, and in coordination meeting with the Leaders of the branch, and how they can be done effectively. Things are really picking up here. It's great!

Also we had the chance to talk with another member. Brother Amnad. He told us that more than 10 years ago, he was a missionary. I went out on a whim and asked if he served with an Elder Zwick. He said,  "Spencer Zwick? He was my trainer!"  I told him I knew the family it made him so happy! So tell the Zwicks that! 

So here's the rundown.

Biew is solid. She is getting interviewed for baptism this Wednesday. We taught her, and after bearing our testimonies about enduring to the end, she offered a closing pray, she said, "Heavenly Father, I am ready to.." she choked up and started crying, then said, "I'm going to endure to the end." It was so powerful, and we could really sense the committment from her. I feel that she really is a tender mercy that the Lord has blessed us with. 

Cherry is doing well. She came to church, so that was great! She's having trouble with smoking still. But she's really working on smoking less and less. So that's great. Her mother and step father have been helping us teach. Which is great. She has a lot of support. 

Jack Sparrow has a baptismal date for the 29. We've just got to get him to church. Then he'll be great! He's got a great friend. Brother Sawake. But Jack didn't come to church because Sawake wasn't ready when jack got to Sawakes house. But next week. He'll be there. 

Bob, he just loves science fiction. We're not sure he's all there. So were going to read with him more to explain the doctrine from an authority. So that will help him.

We did find this new investigator. It's one of the classic stories. It was the last door we knocked, and it was raining. His name is Keng. He used to go to the Christmas parties in the Bangkapi. He came to church, and liked it. He said he'll be here for sure!

Well, great things are happening! I'm so happy to be here.  For this, thanks be to God!


Elder Todd

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