Sunday, September 30, 2012

KORAT--Training again and loving it!

Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2012 

Dear Todd Family,

Isn't this just a glorious time to be living on the earth? I realized that this past week. We live in dangerous times, yes, but there is so much good in the world too. We are so incredibly blessed to live in this, the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times. We live in a time where everything from the beginning has been restored-- the keys of the Priesthood, ordinances and doctrine. But even more blessed than that, we live in a time when Almighty God is revealing things that have never before been known.  He is unfolding mysteries to us. So, no matter how much it seems that the world is decaying, remember this!

This last week was great. First of all I will notify you of the transfer. Elder Schad moved, and I'm training Elder Wood. He actually has already finished the first 6 weeks of his training in Mahasarkham, but with the new 12 week program he isn't done. He got sent here to Korat, and I have been called to finish it. It's humbling, and a great responsibility. He is from St. George graduated from Dixie High. But now his family lives in Springville. He's great. He's a really humble Elder, and willing and ready to work hard and be obedient. What more could I ask for in a companion? Nothing.  It's funny, Elder Schad moved to Sri Nakarin which is in his home stake. So that was funny. 

Well, Elder Schad and I spent Tuesday doing some tracting. It was so cool.  We prayed to know where to go Monday night.  Then, the next day, we followed our plan.  The first street we went to, the first guy we talked to, let us in! It turns out he had met with the missionaries about 10-15 years ago, but had lost contact. He still had a Book of Mormon and a bunch of pamphlets from the discussion era. That was really interesting for me to see. His name is Tik.  So now, we're teaching him. We're not super sure how he will be, but I feel that he has great potential. He use to be a jockey. He has a bunch of pictures of his horse races so that's way sweet. He is married and has two kids. So, we're really hoping that we can help that whole family come into the church. 

Cherry is still doing well. She had a fever for a few days this last week, and with going down to Bangkok we couldn't see her a whole lot, but she is getting closer and closer to quitting smoking. She is fine and willing to slow it down when we tell her she needs to. We told her, today 2ละกัน. "Just two cigarettes today, then tomorrow only one."  As soon as she can quit, she can get baptized. So we're really going to help her this week. Please keep her in your prayers. 

Suthep is doing better this week. We've really been making an effort to contact him often, and to help him know that we care. When it comes down to it, it doesn't matter how many times we teach him, just that we help him feel our love for him, and the Savior's love for him. Brother Dahm is being a great buddy for him. He is so willing to help him. I'm so impressed, as always, by the willingness of members to help. They love being involved in missionary work. It really is amazing to have that spirit with us. 

So, President Senior has been putting an emphasis on going to the rescue. Specifically, he wants us to rescue our brothers and our sisters who are less active. As we have done so, our mission has started baptizing more. Last month, August, our mission had a baptismal high for one month, and in September, we surpassed it. So, as we have tried to catch President's vision, we are being blessed. We have an investigator who's mom is a less active member. We're trying to help them both come unto the Savior. Last night we had a very powerful lesson with them. We asked them why they came to the church, why they learned. Then we just talked about the Savior and how our purposes in coming to the church need to be centered on HIM. After all, this is HIS church, HIS doctrine, HIS priesthood. It was one of the most powerful lessons I've been on in my mission--just talking about and testifying of the Savior. It's what Peter did in Acts II which "pricked" the people in their hearts and motivated them to be baptized. After the Lesson, the investigator, Wan (Juan ก็ได้ GoDai) called us and asked us if she can be baptized on December 9. So we set a date. I'm thankful to the Lord for these blessing here. I love where I am. 

I love you all, be safe, and be happy. Be glad that we live in such a wonderful time!


Elder Todd

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