Sunday, November 25, 2012

Goodbye Korat, Hello Pakkret!

Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 13:49Subject: Pakkret!From:

Hey ครอบครัว!

How are you doing? I'm doing very well here. The big news isn't that it snowed in Thailand, but that I moved. I'm now in Pakkret which means that I get to go to church at the Chaengwattana church which is the biggest, newest church in Southeast Asia! It's so pretty! I'm with Elder Patterson from Arizona. He's way solid. He's really teaching me a lot of great stuff! I was sad to leave Korat, but it's like one of the members told me, "It's time for you to leave and have experiences in other places."

It was bittersweet to say goodbye to everyone--both members and investigators. One really cool experience was my last lesson with Cherry and Oom. We talked with them a little bit about the plan of Salvation. That was mostly for the benefit of Oom. But then we talked to Cherry about a priesthood blessing. When we asked her who she would like to give her one, she chose me. That was very humbling. I felt the spirit direct my words as I gave her, or rather the Lord through me, gave her a blessing of comfort and counsel, of encouragement and strength to help her quit smoking. It was the last thing that I got to do in Korat. She was moved by it as was I.  After that, no one really had anything to say. The Spirit was so strong. It was a huge blessing.

Then, we were off to Bangkok. On Thursday we were sitting in transfer meeting. I was sitting next to Elder Tolman and we were just talking having a great time. Then the meeting started! I got transferred and will be closer to Bangkok. Elder Patterson is really solid. He is two transfers ahead of me. He's got a lot of wisdom which is really important. We then had meetings all that day, first with President and Sister Senior, and then with the leaders of the branch. Things are busy. Then, we also have had to get mission tour ready. There will be all three Bangkok Zones coming and we have to prepare it all, the food and the musical selections. But it's looking good!
Elder Kent D. Watson will be coming. 

Then we decided to get out and visit some of the districts in our Zone to share with them a little about the vision we have for the transfer, and how our zone can reach our goal for baptisms. It was really different to be able to visit 2 of the four district leaders within about 3 hours. It was a 3 hour bus ride from Korat or Roi et to Khon Kaen. The wonders of being in Bangkok! Things are a lot closer than up country.

As we visited the Bang Khaen district they had an investigator ready to interview for baptism. So I interviewed him. Wow! He was so prepared! He talked about repentance and about the commandments and how great they all were and how it was repentance that made him know the church is true! 

We have some good investigators here.  There are two who we are hoping to baptize this coming week. The first is Lai, and the second is Ning. Lai--she's way solid! Just needs to learn the lessons all the way through and get her mom's permission. her mom is one of our prospective investigators. So please keep them in your prayers!

Well, I love you all. Keep calm and carry on!


Elder Todd

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