Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Brush with Sister Wixom

This past Tuesday, Bud was able to hear a devotional the MTC, from Rosemary Wixom the Primary General President. She is an incredible woman. Her daughter, Liz, is in our ward and a dear friend of our family. Liz and I (Ruthie) work together in the Stake Young Women's Program. Sister Wixom called Liz on her way home from Provo, knowing that Liz was at our home for a YW meeting. Liz put her phone on speaker, and we all listened as Sister Wixom told us about seeing Elder Todd in the MTC just a little bit earlier. She said he looked happy and handsome and had a big smile on his face and a bright light in his eyes. She said that Elder Todd was exactly the kind of missionary the Wixoms loved to get when they presided over the Washington D.C. South mission a few years ago.
What a great report for this mother. I feel so lucky that TWO people (Dillon Jensen and Rosemary Wixom) have seen Bud this week and say he seems so happy and good. That makes me feel happy too. It is so much fun to get a first-hand report. We are proud of our Bud. We are glad he loves being a missionary. We miss him, but we are grateful he gets to have this marvelous opportunity to serve other people and grow personally. He loves your letters everyone... so keep writing. The easiest way is to email him at:

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  1. Thanks for the great update.....keep them coming!