Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ruthie gets a big hug!

There was a great treat at the Todd house tonight. Our family friend, Dillon Jensen saw Bud at the MTC!! Dillon was down at the MTC picking up a book and ran into Bud. (Dillon is Nate Jensen's big brother. Nate is one of Bud's dearest friends in the world and is currently serving his mission in Cusco, Peru). Dillon took this picture so he could bring it over and show us our Elder. Best of all, Dillon gave me a great big hug and told me it had come from Bud. He said that Bud had actually hugged him and asked him to pass it to me. And Dillon did! And it was fantastic.
Dillon reported that Bud is happy and healthy and loving his misson. I see he has a new haircut too! He looks wonderful to us and we are thrilled for the first-hand report. Dillon also said that Bud had a thick wad of flashcards in his front pocket. They were Thai sounds/words/language prompts that he is studying diligently. We are all proud of his effort and his service. Keep him in your prayers as he continues to learn this difficult new language. Tuesday, Elder Todd completes his 4th week. Time is starting to fly. He leaves for Bangkok August 1st.


  1. He looks so good! Thanks for the update!

  2. I love the happy look in that boys eyes! He is doing hard things and doing them in total "Todd" style. Love the website.