Thursday, June 23, 2011

Week #5 Wrap up


Wow! I can't believe that it's week six already!

How is everyone? Dad, Happy Fathers Day, and a Happy Birthday to you Cate. I realized as we watched, "Music and the Spoken Word" on Sunday, during the spoken word portion, how blessed I have been to have a Father who was always willing give me his time. I look back on all that you did for me Dad, and I am incredibly grateful. I sent home a card for Dad. Cater I also sent you a card along with a picture of the Sao Paulo Temple for your b-day. And I sent everyone letters. Did you get them? Please let me know. Jennifer, thanks so much for the water bottle and the card. They really brightened my day!

So, as you know, last Tuesday we heard from Sister Wixom. She was so good! A lot of Elders weren't excited because she is the Primary President. I was though! We sang primary songs and it was great! Everyone ended up loving it in the end. One thing that she said that really stuck out to me was that as missionaries, we all wear the name of our Savior on our chest because we are to witness of Him. But when we are TRUE witnesses of Jesus Christ, we will wear His name on our hearts. It reminded me of the Thai word for "impress" which if you break it down, means to "stamp on the heart." I feel so lucky because I get to know my Savior more and more each day. I wan't to be able to say that I wear His name on my heart. Brother Wixom also said something great. He said, that when we come home from our missions, our best friend should truly be our Savior. But like I said last week, it's important not to get too buddy buddy with Him, because He is still the "Greatest of all."

I have been studying the New Testamement, and have been reading in John this week. I noticed something interesting as I started this book. In the King James version it is called the Gospel of John, but in the footnotes, The Joseph Smith Translation calls it the "Testimony of St. John." or something along those lines. When I read that, it made a lot more sense to me, because the gospel given isn't John's, or Matthew's, its Christ's. Matthew Mark, Luke and John only testify of our Lord. I love John 7:17. It gives us the opportunity to know that this doctrine is truly of Christ. So does 2 Nephi 31. These scriptures together show that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ, and that it is to supplement the Bible, not to replace it.

This week we have started to learn the fundamentals of missionary work. There is a new edition of Preach My Gospel coming out that will have these fundamentals in it. They really help so much. They show us how we should teach. Our teacher told us that when He was in Thailand, they had Preach My Gospel, but they still taught lessons. It's changing again. The church has been working on a project for a bunch of years now that starts in August (I think) that really is changing the work. The focus is much more on teaching people and families. Pretty soon the MTC will not have TRC, but the missionaries will practice all of their teaching through progressing investigators. I think this will help missionaries so much becauase its a more real-life situation.

So, about Thailand. I leave 6 weeks from yesterday. I am so excited to get there and meet the Thai people. Our Phii Thais left yesterday. They're probably still in the air actually haha. It's weird to be the only Thai missionaries at the MTC right now. We get our younger district in a week! I'm so excited. I don't know if you remember that when I left on my mission there was only one stake in Thailand. Well, good news! There has been a stake center built in Ubon, that's in the eastern part of the country, and there are two stake centers in Bangkok. Our teachers told us this past week they split the Bangkok Stake and pulled in some districts and now there are two stakes! It makes me so excited to hear that! I really can't wait to get there, I know I don't know the language well, but when we see pictures of those people, my heart goes out to them. I pray for them, and I pray that I will be able to love them. The Lord is helping me to love them. I've met only a few people from Thailand, but I love them all, and I want them to be happy forever. I want to share with them what brings me the most happiness in my life, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The knowledge that families can be together forever truly maike it easier for me to leave you all for two years. Yes, I miss you all dearly, but when I think about whats going on at home, I think, wow, there is nothing that I need to be there for. I know I am where I am suppose to be. No doubt.

This week is going to be great! It's mission president's training week, so the General Authorities will be here! There are going to be a couple of joint Sacrament meetings, and our district tried out to sing "Come Thou Fount" at them, or in a devotional down the road. Sister Brown and Sister Nally form the presidency said they really liked it!

All is well here! I hope you've gotten all of my mail. Thanks for everything you send! I'm pretty sure that I've gotten it all! But along witht he vitamin C could you send some pepto tablets, and tums (the food here is so-so). I would also love if you could send me any thing from Nate, Collin or Nick. I feel like I need to write Porter too, so if you could send me his address that'd be great! I'll probably write you all in a bit, but I love you! Thanks for you prayers! You're all in mine! How is Elizabeth? Did uncle David get his job? Hows Nana? I put Nana and Elizabeth on the prayer roll today. Please keep me updated on Nans. There have been many times here that I know Pa has been helping me. Its one of the most comforting thoughts. Well, tell everyone hello! Read your scriptures everyday and pray often. I'll write next wekk!
Elder Todd

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  1. Oh Bud, What a great letter! We love you!...thanks for keeping us in your prayers:)