Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Elder Todd Sighting!

This past Sunday on July 24th, Bud got to see his cousin, Kyle Darby. What a great surprise! Kyle reports that while in Provo for BYU Tennis Camp, he had the chance to visit the MTC for a Sunday meeting. While at the MTC, Kyle was in the cafeteria and scanned the room for Bud. Before Kyle could spot Bud, Elder Todd saw his cousin and beelined over to him. Must've been that summer white blond hair on Kyle that made him easy to see. Anyway, Kyle said that Bud looks great, is happy, is excited to be a missionary and seems to like it all very much. The two cousins had a short but great chat and loved running into each other! What a great cousin report for Bud's entire family. Thanks Kyle, for the wonderful update. We love both of these boys. Hold on Kyle, you'll be there for real before you know it!

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