Friday, July 8, 2011

Week #7

Holy Cow!

Week 7 is gone! I can't believe it! Well, things here are great! Last week we heard from William R. Walker of the 70 in a devotional. He was SO good! He gave us the 10 Keys to being a successful missionary:

1. Focus on the Lord!
2. Love the Scriptures
3.Fortget about yourself
4.Love the People (Khonthay, for me)
5. Follow the Mission President
6. Learn the Language of the spirit
7.Work Hard
8.Be Obedient
9.Be a Preach My Gospel Missionary
10. Prepare yourself to go home and be a faithful member of the Church for the rest of your life! Each time you commit an investigator, commit yourself!

His devotional was really good, and really helpful! Its so amazing to hear all of these General Authorities, and listen to what they have to say. We watched a devotional in class from when Elder Bednar spoke here. He told the story about when he gave 20 German Marks to Elder Boyd K. Packer, when President Packer and his wife were touring his mission in Western Germany. Elder Bednar told how the 20 Marks he gave helped the Packers get through the East German border. Elder Bednar said it was the spirit that told him to give money to Elder Packer. When we watched this talk, i thought of all the amazing talks that have been given here at the MTC. I wish that I could sit down and watch them all.

This week, the fundemental we focused on was the role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion. He truly is everything. He is the teacher, and we, as missionaries, are the facilitators. We do what we can in personal study and in companionship study so that we have water in our personal wells that the Spirit can draw from when He teaches through us. We do all that we can so that the spirit will be able to teach through us. I realize that I am not only giving all of my time to the Lord, but I am giving myself to the Lord. I am giving myself up for Him to use me, that I may be an instrument in His hands. I know that as I become one, I will be able to grow, and He will make me what He needs me to be.

Well, on Wednesday we got our nong thays! Twelve of them! it's so fun! Its weird to look at them and think, "who would my companion have been if I would have come in on June 29?" I'm so glad that I came in May. I think that is how it was suppose to happen. There are twelve of them. 6 Elders, 6 Sisters. The Elders are good. Quiet though. The sisters are awesome. THey bring a lot of focus to our zone, which is good, especially since we spend a lot of time together as the only Thai districts in the MTC. One sister is From North Carolina! I told her my sister was moving there and she said its the best! She says that Cary is awesome. She said you need to go to the biscuit factory in Highpoint or something like that. Jennifer and John, I'm so excited for you to go out there and to start life! I know you will love it! So much!

On Saturday night we got to stay up later than normal. We didn't have to go to bed until 11:30 p.m. because President Brown conducted a special fireside for the Fourth of July. The speaker was a man who is a branch president here in the MTC. He was an advisor to 4 U.S. Presidents and he spoke to us about the gospel and America. It was amazing to sing the songs of our country. Then, President Brown let us watch the fireworks of Stadium of fire. It brought back such great memories, even though i was trapped inside the MTC. I missed the fireworks on the fourth of July, last night, but it was no big deal. I'm so glad to be here! Then on Sunday, we had our fireside from Jenny Oaks Baker. She played Violin and spoke to us a little bit. She can play the violin SO well! It was amazing! I wish I would have stuck with Piano.

Today we had the opportunity to clean the Provo temple. We didn't actually do too much cleaning though. We took down the wallpaper in the initiatory rooms, and ripped up the carpet in both locker rooms because I guess its time to recarpet and repaper the walls. It was really great though and I loved working in the temple. Life is just great! I'm so excited that it's summer, and I love life!

John's birthday is soon!

We get our travel plans in 15 days! Its crazy! I leave for Thailand in 26! I'm so excited to go teach the Thai people. THey sound like the greatest people EVER! well, I'm sorry that this is short, I'm a slow typer. I love you all so much, and I thank you for all your prayers and support. I'd love to hear from you all! Mom good luck with camp! Dad, youre my best pal. I love you so much. Thanks for everything. Tell Nans I love her.


Elder Todd

P.S. Mom will you send me a family pic?

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