Saturday, February 4, 2012

A new friend in Thon Buri

This week, the Todds received this photo from a new friend in Thon Buri. His name is Aiyakanon KHAI Thammaros and he goes by Khai. This young man is a native Thai who has been home from a mission of his own for about a year. Khai served for two years in the Utah, Salt Lake City South mission and now works alongside the missionaries who are serving in Thailand, his homeland.
He emailed our family and said the nicest things about Elder Todd. How fun to have a new friend all the way across the world who is also friends with our favorite missionary. Isn't technology incredible? This photo of Elder Todd, Khai, and Elder Inthavong (Bud's companion), was emailed on the day it was taken... so we really enjoyed a "same day" pic of our Elder. Thanks Khai!


  1. He looks so great! Thanks for the post. We love Elder Todd!

  2. I just saw this webblog. I really like the story in here. ^_^